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Activity contents of our services
are in accordance with WEG management and duties pursuant to ยงยง 27, 28 WEG:


  • Preparation and conduct of owners' meetings with all necessary resolutions, invoice generation and business plans
  • Close cooperation with administrative councils
  • Conclusion of security and maintenance contracts and monitoring them
  • Designation and monitoring of home service providers (eg. caretaker, cleaners)
  • Conducting inspections of community property as part of value retention, early damage assessment
  • Measures of maintenance, repair and modernization
  • Pursuit of warranty claims
  • Cooperation with service providers, government agencies and other public bodies
  • Invoice control and order
  • Accounting established and based on commercial principles
  • Receivables management by monthly dunning via mail, e-mail and phone, in addition conducting dunning and complaint procedures up to enforcement orders
  • Timely and efficient execution of the decisions conducted by the owners' association

The acquisition of rental management of special property includes services as:

  • Conception and conduction or termination of leases, deposit management, apartment handovers and inspection
  • Running repairs on special property
  • Taking care of all tenancies with procedurally and substantively accurate lease calculation, billing of heating and operating costs as well as the execution of all correspondence with tenants and authorities
  • Reminder of overdue rent receivables, consultation with owners and disclosure to a lawyer to initiate the dunning or complaint procedure and the prosecution of titled amounts.


For us conditions are a matter of negotiation. They are also determined by the expense and size of the property as well as its age and condition. Entry conditions to promote the saleability of assets are also considered.


Contents of activities within the scope of our rented houses management

Commercial administration:

  • Credit assessment before signing a rental contract
  • Creation / termination of rental contracts
  • Insurance coverage of property (assess and, if necessary assign new contracts)
  • Control of property cleaning and maintenance (gardener / caretaker)
  • Accounting
  • Monthly and annual accounts
  • Rent collection: control and assertion if necessary
  • Order of necessary payments
  • Compiling of operating and heating expenses
  • Set up / monitoring of rental deposits
  • Validation and implementation of rent increases
  • Complaint management
  • Management of correspondence with tenants, owners, authorities, etc.
  • Running appartment handovers


Technical management:

  • Acquisition of operating material
  • Monitoring the building condition
  • Conclusion of maintenance contracts (heating, electricity, lifting equipment, etc.)
  • Ongoing maintenance

Sale is always a matter of trust. So you should choose a partner with fundamental experience and relevant references. ARTE IMMOBILIEN provides long-standing experience with selling real estate of all kinds, as our result of realistic market assessment and detailed knowledge of respective market prices. We will place your property on the market to your full satisfaction. Just arrange a not binding appointment with our staff.


  • Condominiums with any living space
  • rented (or partially let) Apartment buildings
  • Residential and commercial buildings, also in need of renovation
  • Building sites
  • Commercial and logistics properties

Currently we are looking for residential and commercial buildings for our clients. Furthermore we are looking for high quality single or semi-detached-houses for sale or rent for our sophisticated clientele. We are also happy to provide you with applicants for interesting commercial properties.

Our professional rental management is able to deal with all issues concerning a prompt rent of your property. We advertise your property, lead viewing appointments and of course examine the credit standing of prospective tenants. We make a selection of eligible tenants and then meet with you for a final decision. Thanks to our many years of experience we know the Berlin market place very well. A low fluctuation and minimal vacancy matters to us the most.

ARTE IMMOBILIEN provides all-around services for planning of developed and undeveloped properties, both in residential as well as in the commercial sector. Through extensive cooperation with competent, external planning and project management offices our special emphasis is placed on strict quality control. Our quality management system ensures the protection of planning and construction.


It only starts when assessing a property and ends with the delivery of a finished and flawless performance.


ARTE IMMOBILIEN specializes in the renovation of apartment buildings of all types, the development of undeveloped land for commercial building and in particular in projects for the retail sector.

In 2016 we extended our proficiency by caretaker services to provide a competent and reliable care for all our properties. Whether house cleaning, maintenance or gardening - we are pleased to develop an individual offer according to your wishes and needs. Our goal is not only to maintain your property in its established condition but to even increase the value of each building we take care of.

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